High Strength Bearing for Large-Bore LEAD FREE Engines
High Strength Bearing for Large-Bore LEAD FREE Engines

BeLEADFREE consortium

BeLEADFREE will be conducted by a multidisciplinary consortium involving participants from Industry and Academia. Daido Industrial Bearings Europe Ltd (United Kingdom) will be leading the project supported by Elsyca NV (Belgium), Fundación TEKNIKER (Spain) and Coventry University (United Kingdom). All the partners have a wide experience in the areas necessary to successfully implement the BeLEADFREE project and achieve its goals.

Daido Industrial Bearings Europe Ltd (DIBE) is a manufacturing subsidiary owned by Daido Metal Co. Ltd., which is the only journal bearing manufacturer in the world with the expertise to manufacture and commercialise a wide variety of journal bearings for automobiles, marine and power generation engines, construction machinery and for general industrial use. The company has established itself as the world’s leading manufacturer of journal bearings due to its combination of bimetal technology, surface treatment technology and precision machining technology, and it is actively engaged in developing products that are beneficial to the general public and the environment. This facility located in United Kingdom has been manufacturing fluid film bearings, bushings and thrustwashers for over 40 years. The products manufactured by DIBE are used in a wide range of industries.

Elsyca is the engineering innovation partner of choice for corrosion engineering and corrosion resistant design, cathodic protection & AC mitigation, as well as for surface finishing and manufacturing. With a powerful combination of a unique computer simulation technology and practical engineering skills, Elsyca designs, models, simulates and optimizes the complete range of electrochemical processes. The combination of the practical engineering knowledge, the in-house developed family of engineering simulation tools, and the continuous focus on R&D and innovation has established Elsyca as a trustworthy and appreciated partner for many clients.

Fundación TEKNIKER is a technological centre helping the industrial sector to increase its innovative capacity. TEKNIKER focuses on Mechatronics, Materials, Manufacturing Technologies and Microtechnologies, and it mainly specializes in designing consumer and industrial products, solving problems relating to friction, wear and lubrication; incorporating information technologies and communications in the plant and finally, high precision, miniaturization and micro & nano technologies.TEKNIKER is part of the IK4 Research Alliance with the objective of bringing resources together in order to reach greater levels of technological-scientific excellence within the Basque and European System of Innovation. Since its creation, TEKNIKER has become one of Europe's best-known research centres in the field of tribology materials/coatings and tribolubrication.

Coventry University (COVUNI) is the top modern university in the United Kingdom and is placed in the top 4% worldwide for international activities. COVUNI is placed as 1st in United Kingdom for SME engagement (working with 9,000 SME’s per year). As such, the COVUNI operates numerous large scale business support programmes for the sectors it supports (manufacturing, automotive, health technology, gaming and other digital etc). Functional Materials Research Group within the Centre for Manufacturing and Materials Engineering brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the research of electrochemistry, sonochemistry, surface modification, metallisation processes, and patterning of materials. Researchers within the Functional Materials Research group have a wide experience in industry. The core expertise of the group is electroplating and surface engineering processes with a strong track record of developing surface modification methods.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691503